How to Study Materia Medica

How to Study Materia Medica

The objectives of this section are to first have the student understand how to study and research the Materia Medica with a review of the most important works and their use, and secondly, to develop an understanding of the most used remedies through comparative Materia Medica.

How to study the Materia Media

The lesser-used remedies
The acute remedies
The chronic remedies
Clinical Subjects
Throughout the course, the student will learn to differentiate the characteristic from the common symptoms in each disease category. This is an essential part of practicing homeopathy well. Students will learn to interpret symptoms in the language of the repertory as well as differential materia medica. Clinical subjects will be developed by conditions as well as systems, and include neurology, epilepsy, pneumonia, rheumatology, psychiatry and surgery & advanced first aid.

Clinical Practice
This part of the course consists of live case taking of patients, case analysis, repertorization, prescription and follow-up visits. Here the student can develop the practical skills needed to practice homeopathy with excellence.

The Academy offers Advanced Chronic Prescribing to primary contact health care professionals who are trained in pathology and diagnosis. This includes licensed or regulated practitioners of:

Allopathic Medicine
Physician’s Assistant
Naturopathic Medicine
Veterinary Medicine
Osteopathic Medicine
Nurse Practitioner
Students Enrolled in Above Programs
Special cases may apply and should be inquired about.

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How to Study Materia Medica