Cancer and Homeopathy

Cancer and Homeopathy

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy was pleased to present this 4-day lecture in beautiful Costa Rica on February 24 to 27, 1998. Physicians from Europe, North America and Central America attended this conference.

The treatment of cancer patients presents one of the greatest challenges for the experience homeopathic physician. Throughout the history of homeopathy, physicians have reported remarkable cures for cancer patients treated with homeopathy. However, the results are not predictable and great expertise is needed to successfully treat these patients.

In this seminar, Dr. Saine presents an extensive literature review of close to 2,000 papers on the treatment of cancer and homeopathy, the result of four month’s intensive research and which is summarized in a 120-page handout.

In this seminar Dr. Saine covered:

The homeopathic method specifically applied to the treatment of cancer patients
Case taking
Case analysis
Follow up

Strategies on how to treat cancer patients
Prognosis with homeopathy
Palliation of terminal cases
In conjunction with conventional treatment
The use of supportive treatments and regimes: mental approaches, diet, nutrition, herbs, hydrotherapy, etc.

Case studies of patients with cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumours…
How to research difficult cases
Materia medica
Strategies for the prevention of cancer

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Cancer and Homeopathy